Gastrointestinal Cancer Center

The Gastrointestinal Cancer Center provides one-stop services and an integrated system that allow patients to receive a diagnosis and treatment in one place. We provide "1, 3, 7 Service," with a clear diagnosis in one day, surgery in three, and discharge from the hospital in seven. A skilled team of surgeons with considerable experience in tackling challenging cases, and an endoscopic dream team that prevents cancer development through effective examination and preventive treat-ment have led to our top ratings in the field of colorectal cancer surgery from the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service.

Gastrointestinal Cancer Center : Over 1million gastrointestinal endoscopies and surgeries performed. Over 2,000 difficult hand-assisted laparoscopic cancer surgeries performed. 50% discovery rate of adenomatous polyps, a cause of colorectal cancer. Over 4,000 laparoscopic cancer surgeries performed,