Kangbuk Samsung Hospital who is dreaming a global leader of patient-centered treatment and total health care is doing its best as a leading hospital of future medical science based on excellent medical team and state-of-art facilities.

KBSMC has opened the department of radiation tumor for cancer treatment and breast/thyroid cancer center and digestive cancer center starting from the biggest diabetes blood center in our country, and provides the integrated medical service from disease prevention to treatment through relocation of Seoul and Suwon integrated medical checkup center.

Patient-centered treatment

KBSMC enhances the cooperation system with each department for patient-centered treatment. The best specialized medical teams meet together to decide on the optimal treatment method according to the medical history and condition of patient, operate the specialized clinic to extend the understanding of treatment method and raise the mutual reliability for patients and guardians. KBSMC endeavors to conquer the diseases by introducing the state-of-art medical equipment continuously and to introduce various methods so that patients can receive the treatment in the comfortable environment without waiting.

First Class Hospital for three cancers :
stomach cancer, colon cancer and liver cancer

KBSMC was selected as the best operation hospital for three cancers – stomach cancer, colon cancer and liver cancer by HIRAS in 2012. HIRAS selected the hospital with low death rate based on operational death rate that patient died within 30 days after cancer operation, as the first class hospital. Especially, KBSMC showed the excellent performance with lower operation death rate than the average rate of domestic hospitals even if the percentageof high risk patients was higher than other hospitals.

State-of-art IT leading hospital

KBSMC is jumping up as state-of-art smart hospital by concluding a MOU as amobile hospital with Samsung Electronics in 2011. In particular, due to the use of state-of-art IT devices by supplying Galaxy Tab to all medical teams and distributing Galaxy Notes to explain to patients, KBSMC is able to make a decision more quickly and judge correctly. In addition, the understanding of patients for treatment and the reliability for medical teams haveincreased.

Realization of patient satisfaction as a Kind Hospital

KBSMC, selected as Patient Satisfaction No.1 hospital in 1994 in the first evaluation survey for hospitals by press, does not satisfy the result and endeavors to improve the satisfaction of patientcontinuously. Starting with ‘Explanation Enhancement Campaign’ by separate T/F team, KBSMC is making its efforts to be a hospital that thinks of patients once again in the position of patient.

Realization of medical technology through social service

To realize the humane medicine through service, KBSMC is carrying out service activities for local residents since the opening of hospital and provides the treatment for patients in the medical blind spot by visiting the areas damaged by flooding or doctorless village every year. In addition, KBSMC is practicing the love as a global hospital by conducting the medical service activity inside and outside of Korea every year.