Health Service




Can I use a prescription from another country?

We need you to translate it into English or Korean

Is there any document available to be issued in English?

Medical certificate, treatment receipt and medicine description are available (Medical certificate issue fee is charged separately.)

Operating Hours

When are you open?

08am ~ 05pm (Monday – Friday)
*Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Public holidays


How can I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by calling, faxing, e-mailing or visiting our office.
Emergency cases are always given priority through our ER facilities.


Can I use Korean National Health Insurance here?

You can receive the medical treatment with health insurance excluding international clinic service.

Can I use my private insurance program here?

KBSMC has no direct billing with any insurance company and thus patients must claim the billing to the insurance company after treatment and hospitalization.


Do the doctors speak English?

Yes. Most of them speak English. Also, our staff will help you when needed.

Travel Medicines & Vaccinations

How can I get travel medicines and vaccinations?

You need to make an appointment and tell us where you will go, how long you will stay there, and which vaccination you have already had. Depending on the place and the duration, a doctor will prescribe travel medicines or vaccinations.

Medical Check up

Can I get a medical check-up?

Kangbuk Samsung Integrated Medical Checkup Center in Seoul city hall makes reservation and consulting.
• KBSMC Total Healthcare Center(Health Promotion Center)
• Tel +82 2 2001 5281
E-mail hyuna84.choi@samsung.com